Hotmeld-Moulding – enrichment for your product quality

By utilizing the Hotmelt-Molding procedure we are able to over-mold the circuit boards and plug connections in a material protecting way.

Assemblies are over-molded with low temperature and low processing pressure. Due to the complete embedding in casting compound, results in high quality and durable components, with low tool costs.

Examples of Application & Advantages:

  • Simple and economical housing solution
  • UL certified granulate material and the resulting UL-marking makes a worldwide market access possible for you
  • For simple and quick assembly: Injection of cable sleeves as strain relief and sleeve support
  • Sealing of existing plug connections
  • Protection against mechanical strain and moisture by over-molding plug connections

Naturally the used granulate material is adapted for the particular field of application and adjusted to your goals. Protection types up to IP67 can also be realized.

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