Efficient assembly of printed circuit boards

  • Quality is our aspiration, so we produce our assemblies on three lines with Siplace-SMD-pick-and-place machines, amongst others with the Siplace-X-Serie. Our spectrum reaches from component size 0201, BGA to QFN or QFP, as well as the implementation of complex pick-and-place solutions. In order to still produce prototypes or small-scale series in a fast and flexible way, a semi-automatic SMD machine is available.
  • Due to our AOI-system maximum error detection is possible, regardless of the design. With the 360° – Cameleon – Inspection, patented by Göpel, the assembled circuit boards are tested and evaluated all around. Since resolution and acuity remain constant in the entire observation field, it’s possible to inspect and evaluate concealed solder joints within the shortest amount of time.
  • The THT-assemblies are manufactured at 20 manual labor positions by our employees. Each of these workplaces is stocked with a computer to enable the access to latest data, as well as the simple and fast visual perception of the single working steps for our employees. The advantage for you: shorter processing times, lower error rates, quick acting if changes are desired.
  • For the subsequent soldering processes a wave soldering machine is utilized as well as a selective soldering system. By using the selective soldering system we have the possibility to solder elaborate, double-sided circuit boards reproducibly and economically.

By request we control and test your boards before the delivery, so you have the guarantee to receive a product of the highest quality.

Working at Dommel